MarYGold Baqar Khani - 2 pieces
Are you craving sweets and delicious goodness with a hot cup of tea? Enjoy Marygold Bakar Khani which is fresh and crispy that can make your mood fresh and happy. It is the most consumed breakfast item everywhere because it...
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Buy Fresh Bakarkhani Online At Shopyourz

Bakar Khani is a well-known breakfast item loved by the people of Pakistan. It is sweet and crispy and can be the best choice to enjoy a delicious breakfast. Gives your taste buds a treat by eating fresh Bakar Khani.

Each bite of Bakar Khani will give you a heavenly taste. It is easy to shop Bakar Khani online from the leading online store in Pakistan, Shopyourz. We offer fresh food items that keep you healthy and fit.

The shopkeepers can buy Bakar Khani in bulk at the most reasonable price.

Fresh And Crispy Bakar Khani

The Bakar Khani has a history behind its invention. It is a type of bread introduced by the Mughal Emperors. It originated from Bangladesh, and the people of Dhaka used it as a breakfast item. 

It traveled from different areas, and people gave it different shapes with time. It is a sign of the love of the Mughal Emperor Bakar Khan and Khani Begam, who he used to love. So it is now popular in different cities of Pakistan.

It has different types, such as Tandoori Bakar Khani, Sweet Bakar Khani, and Butter Bakar Khani.

Tandoori Bakar Khani

It is one of the most common Bakar Khani available in Pakistan. It is round-shaped and cooked like normal bread or Roti. It is eaten with a cup of hot tea or rice. It has a beautiful texture and color. 

Sweet Bakar Khani 

For the best start to the day, you need to have the perfect snack. Sweet Bakar Khani is deliciously made with healthy ingredients. It is soft and sweet, therefore. You can enjoy this with a cup of hot milk or coffee. Online Bakery Products 

Best Butter Bakar Khani 

A perfect snack can make your tea break luxurious. Butter Bakar Khani has an amazing taste. Perfectly baked Bakar Khani can change your mood. We offer the best quality Bakar Khani all over Pakistani without any worry. You can buy best-order butter Bakar Khani by sitting at home. There is no need to go out because the order will be delivered to your doorstep.

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