Birbo Cat Food Tuna 1kg
Birbo’s Cat Food Tuna delicious kibble is packed with nutritious tuna, perfect for adult cats. Tuna is a great source of protein, and it's sure to keep your cat healthy and happy! Plus, the fresh ingredients ensure that your furry...
Birbo Cat Food Chicken with Nuggets
Looking for cat food that will have your feline friend meowing for more? Look no further than Birbo's Premium Cats Meat and Chicken with Nuggets, with its delicious meat-filled pockets. This balanced and complete food is enriched with vitamins and...
from Rs.665.00
Monello Cat Food - Kitten Dry Food 1kg
Monello Cat Food - Kitten Dry Food is the perfect food for growing kittens who need a balanced diet for their healthy development. This premium food contains milk to provide vital nutrients for your kitten and is enriched with Taurine...
Monello Cat Food Salmon Tuna & Chicken
Looking for premium kitty food that will give your adult cat the nutrition they need? Look no further than Monello Cat Salmon, Tuna & Chicken. This formula is packed with taurine, which is great for eye and heart health, as...
from Rs.396.00
Birbo Cat Food Mix 1kg
Birbo Premium Cat Mix is made with the perfect balance of premium meats, fish, and other natural ingredients to keep your cat healthy and happy. This mix contains taurine, an essential amino acid for cats that helps promote good vision...
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Are you looking for the best quality cats food? There are different types of pet food available in the market but all are not good for your kitty’s health. In addition, always chose an authentic and reliable online store or brand to buy pet food. So, you can buy the best quality pet food from Shopyourz wholesale marketplace at an affordable price all over Pakistan.

You can find every type of Pet supplies and food in the market and each food has its own benefits. For example, wet food keeps your kitty hydrated, grain food and dry food can be used for a longer time. Moreover, most cats are moody and they don’t eat the same food on a daily basis so you have to add a variety of foods for your kitty. This is to say that high-quality pet food is a little bit expensive but made of high protein, minerals, and nutrients which is beneficial for cats. 

Here are some benefits of high-quality food for the canines

  • Keeps your cats hydrated
  • Increase immunity 
  • Best for the digestive system. 

Types of Cats Food Available at Shopyourz 

There are different types of food available in the market for cats and you can order it online. You can buy wet food, dry food, grains, and all types of pet food from Shopyourz online store at an affordable price. 

  • Canned Food 

Canned food is a wet kind of foodmostostly cats love it. Above all, this type of food keeps your cat hydrated and active. It has many more health benefits such as canned food containing high protein and nutrients and supporting strong muscles. 

  • Dry Food 

Dry pet is available in small, medium, and large size bags and consists of small dry bits. In addition, this is one of the favorite food for cats, and it is filled with nutrients that make your cat healthy. Moreover, this online marketplace is cost-efficient for cat owners because it is durable and can be used for a longer time. 

So, these are the reasons why you should choose the best quality cat food from your trustworthy brands and online stores. So, shop online Shopyourz online store at an affordable price. 

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