Italiano Cooking Chocolate
Buy Italiano Cooking Chocolate Many delectable sweets and candies have chocolate as a key ingredient. However, not all chocolate is the same. Italiano Cooking Chocolate is made specifically for cooking and has a rich flavor that will enhance the flavor of...
from Rs.264.00
Chocolate Chip Cookies 460GM
Wow your friends and loved ones with this delicious Italiano Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix! It's the perfect way to show them how much you care. With its rich chocolate flavor and perfectly chewy texture, this cookie mix is sure to...
Italiano Cooking Chocolate Unsweetened 100gm
Excellent for adding a rich chocolate taste to baked goods like cakes, cookies, puddings, ice cream, mousse, tarts, brownies, and cake icing as well as candies. Your options are to eat it or bake it. Additionally, you can indulge guilt-free...
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Delicious Chocolate Cookies In Pakistan 

Normally, the chocolate flavor is one of the favorite flavors of people. Elders, youngsters, and children, every age group member like chocolate. There are many online chocolate cookies shop in Pakistan. Shopyourz online store offers a wide range of cooking chocolate at an affordable price. Chocolate contains a unique taste that every person like it. 

Apart from taste, it has many health benefits. Original chocolate contains nutrients and soluble fiber and is loaded with minerals. 

A 100-gram bar of original chocolate contains


11 grams 










And plenty of phosphorus, potassium, zinc, and selenium. Chocolate contains rich antioxidants such as flavonols and polyphenols. These help in neutralizing free radicals and prevent oxidative stress. Dark chocolate helps improve blood flow, lowering blood pressure, reducing cholesterol, reducing inflammation, and improving brain ability. 

Ordering Cooking Chocolates Online at Shopyourz 

Now, you can make homemade chocolate according to your needs. There are many best chocolate brands in Pakistan with low prices, such as Italiano. You can use chocolate as a Nutella, make chocolate ice cream, chocolate cakes, and many other things. 

  • Milk Chocolate 
  • This is the most famous type of chocolate. This chocolate contains 10 to 40 percent cacao mixed with sugar and milk. This chocolate is much sweeter than dark and other ones. You cannot use this chocolate for baking essentials because it is prone to overheating. 

  • Dark Chocolate 
  • This chocolate is made of cocoa butter, sugar, and liquor. Malik sold is not added to the dark chocolate. Dark chocolate contains 30 to 80 percent amount of cocoa. And the taste of this chocolate is bitter-sweet or semi-sweet. This chocolate is can be used for baking purposes. 

  • Bitter-Sweet Chocolate 
  • This type of chocolate has attracted many people. People want to know about this flavour of chocolate. This is also known as extra-dark chocolate. Chocolate lovers use this chocolate in tea and coffee. And it has more health benefits as compared to other types of chocolates.

    Chocolate provides you with energy and makes you active instantly. You can shop online for all types of cooking chocolates from Shopyourz at an affordable price

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