Now feeding your pets has become easier with these best-quality feeders. If you don’t give food in these feeders then dogs/cats create a mess on the floor. So if you have a pet then you must need this pet feeder to feed your pets. Moreover, there is a wide range of pet feeding instruments are available at the Shopyourz wholesale marketplace. Meanwhile, You can buy different types of pet feeding instruments such as cat face plastic bowls, double face bowls, and automatic pet feeding accessories

These new Pet Supplies make life more convenient. Because now they don’t need to remember that they have to feed the pet and all. Now you just need to set the timer of your pet’s feeding time. Moreover, simple and automatic pet feeders are made of the best quality and BPA-free plastic that does not affect your pet’s health. And you can use it for a longer period. 

  • Schedule pet’s food in advance 
  • Used for both dry and wet food 
  • Improves your relationship with pets 

Types of Pet Feeders Available Online

There are different types of pet feeding instruments available in the market and you can choose according to your needs. Moreover, you can buy manual and automatic pet feeders from Shopyourz online store in Pakistan. Following are some types of feeders: 

Double Face Plastic Bowl 

This double-face plastic bowl assists in feeding the pets liquid and solid food at the same time. You can use one bowl for dry or solid food and the other bowl for wet or liquid food. In addition, you can use it for both cats and dogs. This double-face plastic bowl is durable and affordable. 

Single Face Plastic/Steel Bowl

Single-face plastic bowls are mainly used to feed solid diet to your pets. These are available in both plastic and steel materials. Both pet feeders are affordable and durable. 

Automatic Pet Feeder 

With the advancement of technology, new automatic pet feeding tools are introduced into the market. Now you can set the timers for your pet’s food or schedule the time in advance. Moreover, these can be used for wet and dry food. These automatic feeders are chargeable. 

In conclusion, these are the types of pet feeding instruments you can buy for your pets. Shopyourz online store offers a variety of pet feeders at an affordable price all over Pakistan. 

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