Hammé Purifying Hand Wash
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Hammé Purifying Hand Wash
Touching different surfaces all day long, your hands catch a lot of germs, impurities and dirt which can be a cause of certain skin & stomach diseases. Hammé Naturals Purifying Hand Wash, infused with tea tree oil, helps fight against...
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To make yourself look appealing, giving equal attention to the whole body is essential. There are some basic foot, hand & nail care that not only make your hand soft, and clean but also keep the entire body healthy. Hands and feet are often the most exposed parts of the body. 

Likewise, dirt and pollution also affect them. Hence, taking care of them is necessary.  Buy skin care products to keep your hands soft and clean. Along with them buy foot, hand & nail care products online anywhere in Pakistan.

Buy Affordable Manicure and Pedicure products

Hand Moisturizer: Hand moisturizer is one of the basic manicure products which keeps the hand soft. It prevents dryness in the skin. These are generally used for Beauty & Personal care as well. 

Nail Buffer: Nail buffer is used to remove dullness from the nails and make them glow. It is very effective in cleaning the ridges over the nails. While using nail buffer, make sure that the hands are dry so that you get the desired results. Excessive use of nail buffers can damage the nails. 

Nail Cutter: A nail cutter is the most basic manicure product. It helps in shaping up the nails.

Cuticle Cutter: The cuticle cutter is used to remove the extra skin from the nails. It makes the hands look good. Be careful while using a cuticle cutter because it may hurt the skin. 

Nail File: The nail file has almost the same function as the nail cutter. Certainly, it efficiently trims the edges of the nail and makes them look good. It gives the sham that you are looking for.

Simultaneously, these products add up for foot, hand & nail care.  

Buy Pedicure Products Online

We offer a massive range of affordable pedicure products that gives your foot look nice and cure them. Following are the essential pedicure products that you must buy.

Foot File: Foot file or a footstone is used to remove dirt from the skin. Similarly, it removes the dead layer of the skin. It makes your foot look clean. The method to use a foot file is to soak it in water and then rub it gently on the foot.

Nail Brush: A nail brush is used to clean the nail. It removes all the dirt from the nails so that the nail look neat and clean.

Mild Scrub: There is an outer layer of the skin on the feet that are damaged by the dirt and the sunlight. Moreover, to cure the outer layer and make it soft, mild scrub is the best choice. 

Buy Best Foot, Hand & Nail Care Products Online

Shopyourz is the leading online store that is providing its services all around the country. We have the best quality manicure and pedicure products at the best prices. Above all, we offer hand care products in bulk for salon owners. Visit our website today to place your order!

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