Birbo Cat Food Chicken with Nuggets
Looking for cat food that will have your feline friend meowing for more? Look no further than Birbo's Premium Cats Meat and Chicken with Nuggets, with its delicious meat-filled pockets. This balanced and complete food is enriched with vitamins and...
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Birbo Cat Food Tuna 1kg
Birbo’s Cat Food Tuna delicious kibble is packed with nutritious tuna, perfect for adult cats. Tuna is a great source of protein, and it's sure to keep your cat healthy and happy! Plus, the fresh ingredients ensure that your furry...

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Imported Pet Food at Affordable Prices

Make your pet healthy and happy with the best quality pet food. There are many types of pet care food but every food is not suitable for your pet. In addition, you need to be very careful regarding the care of your pets. You can buy every type from Shopyourz online store all over Pakistan. 

Moreover, always buy the best quality Pet Care product from this trusted store. Because many online stores and shopkeepers are selling low-quality food that can be harmful to your pets. Here are the benefits of the best quality dog and cat food.   

Healthier Skin 

Providing the best quality food to your pets will make them healthier. In addition, it provides full nutrients that make your pet’s skin more shinier and protective from the weather.

Higher Energy Level 

 If you are feeding your pets the best food, then this food increases their energy levels and makes them active. Moreover, an active and friendly pet makes you happy. So. don’t ever compromise on the quality of your pet’s food. In addition, you can buy the best quality treats for pets from Shopyourz online store. 

Best Quality Pet Food Available in Pakistan 

There are different types available in the market. In addition, you can choose according to your need. Here are the types of food you can buy online for your pets. 


Kibble food is often dry and loved by cats and dogs.  In addition, you can use this dry food for a  longer time. Moreover, you just need to be very careful while purchasing food for your pet. Don't forget to read the ingredients and expiry dates. It is mainly used for cats and dogs. 

Canned Food

Many pets like to eat canned or wet type. So, you can buy canned food for them. This can be used for a longer time and you can get canned form at an affordable price in the market. This food is filled with protein and nutrients that provide energy and are beneficial for the pet’s health. Moreover, other types are semi-moist, raw food, and also home-cooked food. 

You can buy these types of the pet food according to your pet’s favorite food. Hence, Shopyourz online store offers a wide range of pet food at comparatively low prices. 

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