MarYGold Plain Rusk
Are you looking for a delicious breakfast? Marygold plain rusk is the perfect choice for you. Have a memorable get-to gather with your friends and serve them delicious snacks. Marygold plain rusk is enriched with fiber that is essential for...
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Cake rusks are dry and crunchy biscuits. These plain Khari rusks are very famous in Pakistan. Mostly, people eat elaichi rusks with tea. You can get all types of rusks at an affordable price from Shopyourz. You can serve these fruit rusks to your guests. There are a lot of varieties available at online stores. These are suji rusks, fruit rusks, saunf rusks, cheese and garlic rusks, etc. Cake rusks are very similar to biscuits. Biscuits are made of dough, and cake rusk is made of twice-baked cake, making it more crunchy. You can give it to children because it is full of nutrients. Many people like different flavours. These are very beneficial for your diet. You can lose weight by eating these sugar-free rusk cakes.

According to nutritionists, one piece of cake rusk contains 

Nutrition Facts 

Percentage %


163 cl







Home Made Crispy Cake Rusk Available

You can get homemade crispy cake rusk at an affordable price from Shopyourz online store. These are made of fully hygienic ingredients that are very beneficial for health. There are many flavours available, and you can select yours. 

  • Milk Rusk Cake 
  • This is a favourite flavour of children. Because it is very soft and tasteful. Parents prefer milk-flavoured rusk cake for their children. It is prepared with flour, eggs, butter or oil, sugar, yeast, baking powder, and a little cardamom. It is served as a dipping biscuit, particularly with herbal tea. 

  • Elaichi Rusk Cake 
  • The taste and smell of this flavour are very good because of cardamom. Many people prefer this rusk cake for their breakfast and evening tea. Hygienic ingredients are used in its baking procedure. It is also beneficial for health. 

  • Zeera rusk Cake 
  • Zeera rusk cake is the most demanded and tasteful flavour. The flavour of zeera gives a premium taste and dissolves easily in the mouth. Mostly people use it with tea for breakfast. This is made of zeera, flour, eggs, oil, sugar, and baking powder. 

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