PEL Classic Microwave 20Ltr - White

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The first microwave with an easy navigational crown. You can be confident that your food is cooked to the proper doneness without having to guess thanks to the power levels of the different cooking methods. Its both white and Black colors give a premium look to your kitchen. To estimate how long it will take for your food to finish cooking, use a different setting. For people who don't cook as frequently or require assistance estimating how quickly food will reheat, it is ideal. Based on the preferred food type and even the choice of timing functions, this microwave oven has its fully automatic weight and power level assessment.



Classic Plus 20



20 Liters

Glass Tray Diameter


245 (inch, mm)

Power Input


220~240V 50 Hz (Volts/Hz)

Microwave Frequency


2450 MHz

Unit outside Dimension


452 x 327 x 262 mm



315 x 297 x 198 mm

Microwave Input


1200 Watt

Microwave Output


700 Watt


You may contact us within 24-48hours of the delivery if you get any damaged, incorrect or defective product, and the process can take up to 7 business days. Any faulty or damaged item can be returned only within 7 days, that means if an item got delivered on 1st January, it could only be returned before 8th January. Your return request will not be entertained or processed if placed because the product is “no longer needed.”

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PEL Classic Microwave 20Ltr - White
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