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What could be superior to an old microwave? A manual for the PEL Silver Line Microwave 23L. Anyone who needs an oven but wants to save space and money would benefit greatly from this tiny silver box of magic. The only thing that could be more practical than this microwave, which has express cook times and menu-based cooking, is if it were made for your kitchen counter. This chic silver microwave is prepared to elevate meals. You can select the food's cooking method from four distinct settings. And there is also a clock and timer on the display, which is ideal for those quick breaks when it's time to freeze anything using its Jet Detrain option.




Silver Line 23



23 Liters

Glass Tray Diameter


270 (inch, mm)

Power Input


230-50 Hz (Volts/Hz)

Microwave Frequency


2450 MHz

Unit outside Dimension


482x 278 x 382 mm



338 x 334 x 230 mm

Microwave Input


1280 Watt

Microwave Output


800 Watt


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Buy PEL Silver Line Microwave 23 Manual - Black
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