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You may contact us within 24-48hours of the delivery if you get any damaged, incorrect or defective product, and the process can take up to 7 business days. Any faulty or damaged item can be returned only within 7 days, that means if an item got delivered on 1st January, it could only be returned before 8th January. Your return request will not be entertained or processed if placed because the product is “no longer needed.”

All items that are eligible for return must be in their original form; they must be unworn, unused, inside the original packaging, with tags and seal attached, and should be returned along with their accessories, warranty card, and manuals that came along with it. Every return requested item first goes through quality checking to make sure that it is returned in its original condition only. If an item is altered or returned in an inappropriate or inadequate condition, we hold the right to reject the return request.

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